Time to set a new paradigm. A new way of thinking around heavy music. Drown This City are part of a new breed of heavy post- hardcore music – determined, focused, angry – and with all the firepower in their arsenal to make the requisite noise and calamity.

This is a band who, within their first 12 months of being together – put out their widely-praised debut 5-track EP False Idols, sold out their first live show ever at Workers Club in Melbourne, were invited to play Rolling Stone’s Live Lodge event series, toured nationally with Falling in Reverse, supported Lacuna Coil and Capture the Crown, signed to Bear Parts Music for management and were invited to play alongside bands like Violent Soho, Northlane, Thy Art is Murder, Polaris and more at 2017 UNIFY GATHERING Festival in Regional Victoria in January.

Drown This City have turned heads in their short time together and things are only building for them with new music on the way.

DTC set themselves apart through the intense and impassioned delivery of firebrand front-woman Alex Reade. Her vocals are both brutal and beautiful at the same time and skilfully switches from insane, flesh- ripping screams to soaringly melodic passages in the blink of an eye.

Blunt Mag premiered the stream of Drown This City’s debut EP False Idols in mid-2016 and had nothing but positivity about the future of the band. “A chaotic blend of metalcore and post-hardcore, the five-piece have carved out a niche all of their own, teaming monstrous vocals with crushing breakdowns and mind-melting electronic elements. And as for frontwoman Alex Reade? Few vocalists can serve up a sound that’s equal parts brutal and beautiful, and even fewer are women in the heavy scene. Reade skilfully switches between flesh-ripping screams and soaring melodic passages like it ain’t no thang.”

With their lineup and their unique and highly developed sound firmly in place, the band are living this new paradigm. Through their music, live show and film clips, DTC are breaking down walls of old-world expectation. They are breaking trends in heavy music around genre and pathways to success and showing what can be achieved through willpower, determination and an amazing live show.

Ready yourself for the blisteringly anthemic monster that is Drown This City, because they have only just begun to show the world what they are made of.


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